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Restless Inside

“Restless Inside” is a selection from my first book of poetry In Speaking Of…

Restless Inside

By Nikki Anne Schmutz

Restless inside…
as a piece of string with not a thing to bind
as a root of a bulb awaiting a frozen Winter’s thaw
as an unwound kite on a flat summer’s afternoon
as a bound umbrella waiting in the heavy stand at the door
as a shell taken up from its water, left to dry on a shelf
as a lock forgotten by years, hidden in layers of dust
as an ocean wave never able to hold the sand in its grasp
as a letter hidden in the crumbling wall of an old Victorian
as a gust of wind personified, exiled to the unseen realm
as a sail-less vessel docked in a cemented harbor
as an etched crystal vase in the cupboard longing for use
as a stream racing downhill when it wishes to climb
as a baby grand piano unplayed, covered with ages of dust
as a drawn curtain wanting to part, allowing rays to enter
as an hourglass wishing to be turned, spilling its sand once again
as a tear unable to escape the confines of its cause
as a heart awaiting to be claimed by its only love…
the now, the past, what is to be
restless for it all, restless to just be…


Be Lost…

Be lost… so you can be found purely you without influence or push from those who think they know best. Trust in your inner knowing as you discover the innate pieces of the universe residing in your soul.
Truth shines as truth no matter the path you travel. Be found… so you can be lost from limitations placed by those who do not understand your path. Trust they face the same paradigm and they will find themselves in different places than you. We are all wanderers searching for a home in our soul.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz