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Be Lost…

Be lost… so you can be found purely you without influence or push from those who think they know best. Trust in your inner knowing as you discover the innate pieces of the universe residing in your soul.
Truth shines as truth no matter the path you travel. Be found… so you can be lost from limitations placed by those who do not understand your path. Trust they face the same paradigm and they will find themselves in different places than you. We are all wanderers searching for a home in our soul.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


“Sometimes out …

“Sometimes out of the darkest situations the most beloved dreams are revealed and given to us.”
-Found, by Nikki Anne Schmutz

My book ‘Found’ will be available in the next few days on amazon.com. This story in all its entirety came to me in a dream. In the beginning, I wrote this book to be about a young girl trying to find her way out of a tough situation during the Christmas season. I published it in a local market more than a decade ago and found that everyone who read it saw the focus as something different than I had intended it to be. It became more. As I shared it, the more others brought to my attention that this story was really about the glorious gift of adoption. I have since met countless individuals and families who have shared their own adoption stories with me and I have grown to admire each and every one of them. I have a special place in my heart for the type of sacrifice and love shown in these situations. In releasing my book out into the world for the second time I hope that I will continue to hear these stories, to feel the happiness in the couples who adopt, and see the incredible and innate goodness in the people I meet all over.