Poetic Editing Services

Poetry Editing Options


One Pass Edit

In One Pass Edit, your poetry is gone over once, red-lined, and sent back for you to correct yourself. This is the cheapest form of editing services I offer. There are no notes going back and forth. Just one set of corrections and notes for you to use to polish your work on your own. In this option, I will take as little as one poem up to 100 (or more). Piece by piece, or all at once. I charge a flat fee of $2.00 per poem.


Second Pass Edit

In Second Pass Edit, your poetry is red-lined, commented on, critiqued, and sent back to you to review, accept, or reject edits – then sent back to me for another round of edits. After the second round of edits, you receive a corrected copy of your work as either a finished and polished version or as a further red-lined document – depending on how much work is needed. In this option, I will take as little as one poem up to 100 (or more). Piece by piece or all at once. I charge a flat fee of $4.00 a poem.


Complete Edit

In Complete Edit, your poetry is polished from front to back. We go back and forth up to 10 times as needed to make sure your work is flawless. You pay more, but you have access to more. This is the perfect option for the writer preparing their work for publication.

Chapbook length (15-25 poems) $300

Collection length (25-50 poems) $400

Large Collection length (50-100) $500

Extra Large Collections (100+) $600


Self-Publication Formatting

Self-Publication Formatting of manuscripts after the work has been edited is a separate service. This service includes help with the placement of the poetry within the book and choice of font, writing of title pages, forwards, acknowledgements, and such. I charge a flat fee of $400, with the understanding that only 20 hours will be invested. The client must be clear on his/her vision and must communicate wishes without returning over and over with more and more changes.


Client Requirements

All clients MUST use either MS WORD or be familiar with using Google DOCS. If you are not using one of these two programs, the only editing option is a One Pass Edit printed out and edited as a hard copy, red-lined document which will be mailed to your home address for you to use as a guideline to polish your own work. Work submitted for editing must be the final and correct documents from the poet, it is the poet’s responsibility to submit the proper documents. If a document is the wrong one, it will have to be paid for again by the client.



Poetry sent in small batches or one by one must be paid for up front via PayPal or sent by mail. The first half of the payment for larger projects must be paid prior to starting editing services via PayPal or sent by mail. The remaining balance must be paid before the final work will be released to the client.


Note from Nikki: Think the cost is too much? These prices are actually about half the standard industry rate. In an effort to make a name for myself and get projects under my belt I am working at a lower pay rate. The time to take advantage of that is now!

Contact Nikki Anne Schmutz for editing services: nikkianneschmutz@gmail.com


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