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Open Soul Window

The poetry of Nikki Anne Schmutz explores the journey we take inside ourselves, It is one that never ends; it leads to greater understanding, realizations gained only by aspiring to be more than we are in the present. There is great beauty to be found inside us all. Along the way we meet others who end up being vital parts of our growth, people we care for, people we love. Sometimes our connection with others brings us closer to deep understanding than anything else we experience. Imagine what the world would be like if we could open a window to one another’s soul. What if we could look inside and glean all the information needed to truly understand each other as we help one another along through life? What kind of spiritual heights could we help one another achieve? Open your soul window…

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In Speaking Of… A Poetic Journey from Dark to Light

In speaking of the night’s white light
which from the luminous stars do shine;
Illuminate the dark, the dank earthly hollows
shine in corners and closets, unlit

“In Speaking Of…” is a collection of poetry inspired by the soul’s journey from dark to light. It takes raw emotion stemming from life’s darker moments and spins them into alchemical passages that expose truths we try to hide. Acceptance of ones’ inner self eventually leads to light, life, and happiness. “In Speaking Of…” embraces the pain we feel in order to enhance the joyful moments we find within. Beauty amidst pain, light amidst darkness. Sometimes brutal yet still captivating, this collection of poems sends the reader into a journey of introspection and hopefully ends with the realization that life has more to offer than one ever thought possible.


Found Cover Ad Insert

Found, a novel

After running away from home and living on the streets, pregnant sixteen year-old Samantha Stately is extremely sick and has nowhere to go. Through a miracle from God, Samantha is found by Marion, wife of Reverend James Mahoney, who nurses her back to health and helps Samantha face the consequences of her choices. Samantha unknowingly sets about a train of events that lead her and those around her to an extraordinary truth that can only be revealed by divine intervention. ‘Found’ is a poignant story set in the Christmas season about mistakes, miracles, and the blessings of adoption.

Immerse yourself in a world of hope this Christmas season by reading ‘Found’, a story sure to become a yearly tradition, especially for those whose lives have been touched by adoption.

“Sometimes out of the darkest situations the most beloved dreams are revealed and given to us.”


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