Nikki Anne Schmutz

Having lived a life touched by trauma and knowing wordless pain, Nikki Anne Schmutz has dedicated her life to transforming darkness into light-filled beauty. With a command of words that defies the earthly spectrum, she weaves layers of meaning into her poetry in the hopes of sharing with the world the same glimpses into the divinity of the soul that she has found on her own journey through life. She wishes to share her journey with others through her poetry, in the hope she can help them on their own voyage of self-discovery.

Nikki Anne Schmutz is the author of Open Soul Window, In Speaking of… A Poetic Journey From Dark to Light, and Found, a novel. She is a published poet and novelist, produced screenwriter, freelance poetry editor, and advocate against sexual violence. She has served as magazine editor-in-chief, literary web site poetry editor, and recited poetry for the Eat Sleep Write podcast. She currently reads poetry for her YouTube Channel, Perfectly Written Pictures. She lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Nikki is a regular contributor on Duane’s PoeTree. Recently, some of her poetry have been translated into Malayalam by Williamsji Maveli and posted on a blog titled, Soulfully Yours.

Her work has appeared in the following literary magazines/publications:


Keep Poems Alive
I Am Not a Silent Poet
Random Poem Tree
Angie’s Diary
Our Poetry Corner
Poets Without Limits Magazine
Miscreant Magazine
Degenerate Literature

In Print

The Angry Manifesto



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