Happy July 4th!


July 4th ignites my childhood wonder almost as much as Christmas does! I have vivid memories of laying on the grass and reaching my hands out towards the fireworks in the night sky. I wanted to catch them, to feel the magnificent sizzle they caused in my heart in the palms of my hands. Even as an adult, I am mesmerized.


The asphalt street is lined
with lawn chairs and blankets
An arsenal sits, ready
to launch into the
darkening cloud-feathered sky
The celebration is marked by
resounding CRACKS
echoing across the valley
Sparks rain above our heads
Children “Ooooo!”
Adults “Ahhhhhhh!”
I smile quietly into the night
as the sizzling sounds
bind precious childhood wonder
to the present
Each one is a celebration of delight
I can still see them when I close my eyes
Brilliant fire-flowers in the sky

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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