In the uncertain vestibules of night,
she reminds herself – dark corners
once held light and can be reclaimed.
Though accusatory words can injure the soul,
they mean little to one who reaffirms
strength found in a trodden heart.
Though bitter to some, truth
fills her hopeless heart with fluid faith.
Though her path is misunderstood,
she walks it bravely with lead shoes of certainty.
Slow is her journey towards joy, yet she will find it
in the sanguine strongholds of her heart.


Painful decisions must be confronted. Many will never understand why you make them. Though people mean well in their attempts to help you see your “mistakes” – they don’t know the whole story. Pain revealed is not always accepted as truth, but is often used as fodder for gossip. Stay strong to the truth you know in your heart, never falter, give away your resolve, or give in to things that make your life unhappy and unfulfilled. Don’t be afraid to remind others of their ignorance as you resolutely step towards the changes building your future.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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