Napowrimo Days 23 and 24

Thanks to an ill-fated glass of water, my computer was down over the weekend, so while I posted my poems for NaPoWriMo on my Facebook page, they didn’t make it to my blog. Luckily my computer dried out and fired up without any issues! Here are my poems! Enjoy!

Day Twenty Three

Ladder Rungs

How many rungs of a ladder do I need?
Random objects could be disassembled –

Broom or mop handles, broken.
Picture frames, or maybe chair legs.
The couch frame is sturdy beneath
the upholstered softness, under the
mattress the box springs are strong.
The bannister would do quite nicely.

Money is short and answers are few,
but I am surrounded by things to make use of…
I consider the remnants, strewn about.

The question still stands –
how many rungs of a ladder do I need,
in order to climb out of my life
and into a new one?

Day Twenty-Four


When there is no
hope to be found
on the stormy sea
of life – become;
the boat,
the life vest,
the lighthouse,
the wave that carries you…
you are never lost.
You are where you are
to enable your soul
to be the rescuer you need.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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