Venture out, beyond this space
where hate is love and love is hate.
Where limits seem as bricks to be
stacked and stacked as bricks will be
built as walls to keep all seized
ensconced in fear and doubt diseased.

Venture forth, beyond this wall
where all is love and love is all.
Where dreams are wings of proffered fate
flight upon flight as wings create
freedom in the greatest sense!
Vanquisher of all pretense.

You are you, be all you’ll be
as you venture into eternity….


2 thoughts on “Eternity”

  1. your words captivate a great deal of emotions. what does love means hate mean, and i did not understand the 3rd stanza. kindly explain..

    1. Joseph, it means that we often mislabel our emotions. We give power to relationships in our lives that are bad for us or are unhealthy. Sometimes what we see as love is really not love at all, or the opposite.

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