The sun was a privilege she did not know.
She existed in the shadows
where her demons creeped about her feet,
speaking lies only she could hear.
Cautiously, she watched the world beyond.

Each day the sun beckoned to her
with brightness promising sublime
warmth and smiles offering change.
She reached her hand out, a little at a time,
inching towards possibilities dreamed of.

Purpose encouraged her heart.
From the darkness she stepped forth,
fearing the light of the sun.
With closed eyes she stood still
waiting to be consumed by it all – she wasn’t.

From the darkness she extricated
the “unworthy” fragments,
gathered the broken pieces,
exposed the dirty unkempt secrets sold
as lies told to her, lies she told herself.

She laid them out to be
illuminated by the sun, exposed
as fatal flaws – she held her breath.
Was she ready? No.
Would she ever be ready? No.

In the sunlight she examines it all –
piece by piece, part after part,
secret after secret – and her heart speaks,
“The darkness is the lie,
your flaws hold beauty to be embraced.”

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz



5 thoughts on “Embrace”

  1. Nikki, this is a powerfully written poem that reflects the duality of the human spirit and conveys the constant internal struggle between the forces of light and darkness within the self. A profound and truly soul-searching poem that deeply moved me.

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