Transform, change, convert, alter, renovate, modify, amend, adjust,
reform, vary, revolutionize, translate, revise, rework, correct,
modernize, refurbish, repair, restore, revamp, improve, regulate,
fiddle with, bend, fine-tune, change, improvement, development, restructuring, diverge, differ, contrast, fluctuate, update, interpret, render, explain, convert, turn, rephrase, truthful, exact, approved, power, accurate, exact, right, renew, mend, reinstate, progress, develop, recover, advance, recover, look up, order, control, turn, twist, curvature, corner, enhance, expansion, growth, increase, deviate, move away, depart, swerve, wander, opposition, distinguish, ebb and flow, rise and fall, come and go, oscillate, swing, inform, understand, take, construe, read between the lines, infer, deduce, provide, deliver, submit, give, clarify, enlighten, explicate, put in plain words,  revolve, rotate, circle, say differently, candid, straightforward, open, honest, faithful, precise, cycles of transformation within one’s heart, soul, mind, and might…..


We are all caterpillars waiting to become butterflies in one way or another….

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


3 thoughts on “Transformational”

      1. First, good on you for choosing to better. Well done there. Second, mission accomplished. There’s a palpable build in the piece that brings the readers emotions along with it. Again, brilliant!

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