Feeling broken inside is a misconception –  one I lived with for most of my life. Over the past few years I have radically changed my thought processes. I am now accepting of myself in ways I never knew were possible. I’m not broken. I am unique like fine art. And so are you. Embrace it.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


Poetry Book Announcement

On December 1st Open Soul Window will be available for purchase on in both paperback and kindle format! For those of you who don’t have a kindle you can get an app to read kindle books on any electronic device. If you purchase it I would greatly appreciate you leaving a review on amazon. Thank you to everyone who has and continue to support me in my writing! Love you all!

Open Soul Window Book Cover

Lovely artwork by Ali Necati Cifci

Subsurface Meme


Words unspoken become needles constantly pushing into us. We push them aside thinking – out of sight, out of mind. But that isn’t how it works. The things we don’t deal with stay with us. Whether we realize it or not, we dwell on the things unspoken. We crash into them in times unexpected. Our boats capsize and we are lost in the sea of all we wished to leave alone.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz

A Voice

How can a voice be so distinct?
The same physical pieces
make up our bodies
Throats, voice boxes, and lungs
tongues, and teeth, and lips
Yet somehow, yours is distinct
I’d know it anywhere
Whether whispering in my ear
offering advice, or chiding
teasing, or offering words of comfort
floating on a breeze
or greeting me on a radio wave…
It is yours and yours alone
It strikes my memory like an anvil
and I am smiling
at the reversal of time created
between my ear and my brain


This is a poem from my first book, In Speaking Of… A Poetic Journey from Dark to LightIt has always interested me how our minds can remember such detail when sparked by the most simple things.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


Transform, change, convert, alter, renovate, modify, amend, adjust,
reform, vary, revolutionize, translate, revise, rework, correct,
modernize, refurbish, repair, restore, revamp, improve, regulate,
fiddle with, bend, fine-tune, change, improvement, development, restructuring, diverge, differ, contrast, fluctuate, update, interpret, render, explain, convert, turn, rephrase, truthful, exact, approved, power, accurate, exact, right, renew, mend, reinstate, progress, develop, recover, advance, recover, look up, order, control, turn, twist, curvature, corner, enhance, expansion, growth, increase, deviate, move away, depart, swerve, wander, opposition, distinguish, ebb and flow, rise and fall, come and go, oscillate, swing, inform, understand, take, construe, read between the lines, infer, deduce, provide, deliver, submit, give, clarify, enlighten, explicate, put in plain words,  revolve, rotate, circle, say differently, candid, straightforward, open, honest, faithful, precise, cycles of transformation within one’s heart, soul, mind, and might…..


We are all caterpillars waiting to become butterflies in one way or another….

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz