Upon the ebb of listless nights
unspoken thoughts pleat into
deeply stained subconscious drapes.
Heavily drawn over and under
awareness, drinking deeply
of wakeful thoughts drowned
in subversive chasings.
Mental partitions topple,
realities clash as bad color schemes
bleeding tinted sentiments between.
There is no sleep, only quiet passings
into worlds of silent musings
where boats rest on land
and beds are cast out to sea.


Sleep can be ellusive. Even when we prepare our minds for it, use aids to help it come, there are times it can’t be found. We toss and turn like on an ocean where lines between reality and dreams blur. Here things don’t make sense and we get lost in the waves of nonsense.  If you’ve had a night, or nights, like this you know what I mean. Sometimes our dreams seem to make perfect sense until we wake up.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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