Guest Poet Reading – Tony Lodato II

Heart Held by Air…

By Tony Lodato II
Read by Nikki Anne Schmutz

I long for the
Night when we
Will finally meet
The moment when
These words can lay
Still as I listen to your air

Air that escapes
Air that resurrects
Air that breathes life
Air that moves my mind
Air that confides secrets
Air that whispers like wind

I yearn for the
Evening when we
Shall embrace so tight
End to an old beginning
Beginning of a new ending
Listening to drum of my heart

A heart that fills
A heart that dies
A heart that wants
A heart that believes
A heart that is rediscovered
A heart that I want you to keep

Tony is a staple in the Facebook poetry community. It’s an honor to read his poem for my YouTube Channel! He runs the page Creative Musings with TL II on facebook.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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