Guest Poet Reading – Jane K. Wilson

Perfect Belonging

Written by Jane K. Wilson
Read by Nikki Anne Schmutz

He has seen the quiet, the patient, the deeply contained and controlled, he has known the simple sweet obedient and most certainly he has lived the crazy drama too, unrepentant, driven wild. But who am I, to him, who am I to the world, to myself? Only his, nothing else. Just an awkward blend of deviant innocence, an overheated imagination that cannot stop, a love as wide and as deep as any child’s, a woman to warm his bed, a darkness shared. I am passion, presence, love, all wrapped together. I am what he wishes I should be. No more doubt or shame to spare, born to dance with him alone. He is the chaos that I want to get lost in, the senseless wordless terror of the world. I should be terrified but instead he softly calls to me like a warm blanket, a place of perfect belonging. And so when the storm has passed, as it always must, sun lies beyond the clouds, peace lives in the enveloping silence, and our love endures.


Jane is one of the most giving and soulful poetesses I have ever met. She’s been so helpful to me in building my poetry page on facebook. Being able to read her poem in my channel was an epic opportunity! She lives in the UK and runs the very successful Facebook page Visions of Love. Click HERE to visit her website.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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