Black Holes

I’ve seen such horror,
and such love.
Juxtapositions of
rules and regulations,
precepts upon precepts.
I’ve watched from sidelines
wondering if God
divided up matters
as such – sterile and cold
rules to be followed.
Intent within souls
and hearts seeking light
should be valued above all.
In some men
black holes reside
consuming more
than they produce.
I’ve seen them fought.
I’ve seen men devoured.
And even still,
I’ve seen the rare soul
defy the odds
and reverse gravity itself.


I think we’ve all felt that moment when we realize we need more than anyone around us can possibly give. In that moment it’s up to us to decide whether we fight it and find a new path, whether we let it devour our soul and create a person we were not meant to be, or whether we change it entirely – tip the scales, defy gravity, and leverage it all to create the life we want, the life where we are the master of our own happiness.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


Photo Credit: Victor de Schwanberg / Science Photo Library


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