Life seems to tick away
At a pace both slow and fast
I lose myself in minutes
That fall between the cracks

I wait between the seconds
When they seem like months
Then leap between years
Fast-forwarding in jumps

Until I’m caught in a week
Which never seems to end
Where the days become decades
And the night only suspends

Thoughts within an hour glass
Flipped, again and again
Where everything becomes nothing
And nothing finds an end

Shattered glass upon my hand
Sand falling out of place
Time will not rule me now
This clock I will erase


Time gets away from us. Life is busy. We run, we race – from one thing to the next. There are days, even weeks, that blur together. In my life there are entire years melded into chunks of time indistinguishable from the rest. It’s sad really, moments should be cherished. I’d like to think that I have slowed it down, consciously grabbed time by its shoulders and shook sense into it. But in reality it’s me who needs the sense shaken into. Minutes are just as important as hours. It is in the minutes we build the hours that determine our days. Make them what you want them to be.

~Nikki Anne Schmutz


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