Beneath Reflections

Glassy is the surface of
the rippled mountain lake,
reflective depths of mystery
tempt a young girls fate.

On the pier, decision made
she stands next to a box –
burdened with her secrets,
brim-filled with sorrow and locked.

She cannot, no she will not
allow her mistakes to be known.
She will row into the middle
and release them deep below.

The setting sun accompanies
Her ill-fated reasoning.
She tips the box into the water,
lips a prayer whispering.

Beneath the glassy waters
a shroud of darkness prevails.
Her secrets will remain secrets,
never to be unveiled.


I administrate a poetry group on facebook, Wordsmiths with Lizard Skin. It has so many wonderful poets in it, many who have become close friends! Over the weekend I wrote this story poem for a poetry challenge based on the photo above. I don’t usually write stories in poem format, so it was fun for me to do something a little different! October is the perfect month to write something with a little mystery.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


One thought on “Beneath Reflections”

  1. Hello,Nikki.I like the mystery of the box: ‘burdened with her secrets’ in this poem.As a member of the Wordsmiths with Lizard Skins group, may i say that being a member has benefitted my poetry writing and improved my skills of poetry analysis.Thank you so much.

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