Fate, destiny, kismet, your calling, your mission in this life – call it what you will, I believe every one of us has a purpose here on this earth. It is up to us to figure out why we are here. Once we know, it is our job to fulfill our purpose. Very rarely does fate give us exactly what we need. No, we must search out our path, forge our way, create movement forward towards our goals! Destiny is made – not found. Once we start on our path amazing things can and will happen to aid us on our journey. But we must begin the journey! Your destiny is YOURS. Go write your own stars.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


2 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. Hello, Nikki. May i say that I found the core message of this poem: ‘Our destiny is ours,/We write our own stars’, to be insightful, inspiring and empowering. Also, i like the human touch among the Gods: ‘Prehaps the residents of the skies/are as lost as we are- /watching us, as we watch them’.It is rather true (and I am gulity of this ) that many people spend their lives waiting for someone or something to come along and transform their lives for the better. However, the power for change and transformation is within ourselves and we must work hard to realise this.Nikki, your poetry is giving me the courage to (paraphrasing your words) write my own stars.

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