High Wire Act

High Wire Act

I leave the solid platform,
my feet inch forward.
Afraid to look down,
I dare myself to conquer
the dizzying heights.

Inches are miles,
miles are light years.
If only I knew how
to fly in hyper drive –
pass the expansive miles
in blurry, elongated seconds
to arrive at my destination –
a place where my soul
discovers peace and happiness.

With arms outstretched
my shaky feet continue,
edging along the wire.
My eyes fixed on the goal –
a light in the distance…


Life is a balancing act.  Sometimes we are master performers; creating the perfect show out of the life we have. Other times we fail; dropping all the balls we have in the air. This is life. We are not perfect. We strive. We try. We fail… and we succeed. What matters is that we are focused on the light ahead of us, focused on the things that give our lives meaning. If we know where we are going, the detours are merely detours. We end up at our destination. We end up with a life full of meaning. It is after all the journey we are meant to enjoy, not just the destination.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


2 thoughts on “High Wire Act”

  1. Love this Nikki! Your voice in this expressed the emotions so well. As I listened, I couldn’t help adding “Me too!”

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