My Ocean

My Ocean

Sometimes little verses come to me at the oddest of times. This is one of those verses. I don’t spend time at the ocean, yet I have always been an admirer. Its depths and mystery are epically easy to use as metaphor in poetry. Love can be just as deep and powerful.

~  Nikki Anne Schmutz



Upon the ebb of listless nights
unspoken thoughts pleat into
deeply stained subconscious drapes.
Heavily drawn over and under
awareness, drinking deeply
of wakeful thoughts drowned
in subversive chasings.
Mental partitions topple,
realities clash as bad color schemes
bleeding tinted sentiments between.
There is no sleep, only quiet passings
into worlds of silent musings
where boats rest on land
and beds are cast out to sea.


Sleep can be ellusive. Even when we prepare our minds for it, use aids to help it come, there are times it can’t be found. We toss and turn like on an ocean where lines between reality and dreams blur. Here things don’t make sense and we get lost in the waves of nonsense.  If you’ve had a night, or nights, like this you know what I mean. Sometimes our dreams seem to make perfect sense until we wake up.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


The game of “what if”
leads down treacherous paths –
bough-bidden, forested pasts
infested with doubts and repentances.
The past cannot be altered.
It can only be studied or examined
and from it, knowledge gleaned.
Regret tethers yesterday to the future,
binds choices to perpetual
misconstrued remembrances.
The difference between
the “could haves”
and the “should haves”
rests in the intent.
Well-meaning intention
cannot live in the past.
It exists in the moments
looking towards the future.
Change rarely occurs
in huge sweeping steps.
It happens in small moments,
collected by gentle hands
willing to love.


No matter how hard we try, we cannot change the past. We can only make today what we wish it to be… our actions today will mold a tomorrow closer to what we wish it to be. Take steps towards the YOU you want to be.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz

Guest Poet Reading – Jane K. Wilson

Perfect Belonging

Written by Jane K. Wilson
Read by Nikki Anne Schmutz

He has seen the quiet, the patient, the deeply contained and controlled, he has known the simple sweet obedient and most certainly he has lived the crazy drama too, unrepentant, driven wild. But who am I, to him, who am I to the world, to myself? Only his, nothing else. Just an awkward blend of deviant innocence, an overheated imagination that cannot stop, a love as wide and as deep as any child’s, a woman to warm his bed, a darkness shared. I am passion, presence, love, all wrapped together. I am what he wishes I should be. No more doubt or shame to spare, born to dance with him alone. He is the chaos that I want to get lost in, the senseless wordless terror of the world. I should be terrified but instead he softly calls to me like a warm blanket, a place of perfect belonging. And so when the storm has passed, as it always must, sun lies beyond the clouds, peace lives in the enveloping silence, and our love endures.


Jane is one of the most giving and soulful poetesses I have ever met. She’s been so helpful to me in building my poetry page on facebook. Being able to read her poem in my channel was an epic opportunity! She lives in the UK and runs the very successful Facebook page Visions of Love. Click HERE to visit her website.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz

Guest Poet Reading – Tony Lodato II

Heart Held by Air…

By Tony Lodato II
Read by Nikki Anne Schmutz

I long for the
Night when we
Will finally meet
The moment when
These words can lay
Still as I listen to your air

Air that escapes
Air that resurrects
Air that breathes life
Air that moves my mind
Air that confides secrets
Air that whispers like wind

I yearn for the
Evening when we
Shall embrace so tight
End to an old beginning
Beginning of a new ending
Listening to drum of my heart

A heart that fills
A heart that dies
A heart that wants
A heart that believes
A heart that is rediscovered
A heart that I want you to keep

Tony is a staple in the Facebook poetry community. It’s an honor to read his poem for my YouTube Channel! He runs the page Creative Musings with TL II on facebook.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz

Black Holes

I’ve seen such horror,
and such love.
Juxtapositions of
rules and regulations,
precepts upon precepts.
I’ve watched from sidelines
wondering if God
divided up matters
as such – sterile and cold
rules to be followed.
Intent within souls
and hearts seeking light
should be valued above all.
In some men
black holes reside
consuming more
than they produce.
I’ve seen them fought.
I’ve seen men devoured.
And even still,
I’ve seen the rare soul
defy the odds
and reverse gravity itself.


I think we’ve all felt that moment when we realize we need more than anyone around us can possibly give. In that moment it’s up to us to decide whether we fight it and find a new path, whether we let it devour our soul and create a person we were not meant to be, or whether we change it entirely – tip the scales, defy gravity, and leverage it all to create the life we want, the life where we are the master of our own happiness.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


Photo Credit: Victor de Schwanberg / Science Photo Library