If there is one thing I know about myself it is that I am an expert at building emotional walls. Walls that were meant in the beginning to be protection usually end up being a hinderance to personal progression. We trap ourselves behind constructs of our own making. It is here we feel alone, lost, and misunderstood. And how would it be any different? Removing our emotional selves from connection to others isn’t a healthy thing. Yet, so many of us do just that – time and time again. But what if our walls, personified by all the things we could never say, could talk? What words would our walls give to us? What would be torn down when the ability to be open presents itself? What if instead of creating brick and mortar, we allowed our emotions to flow freely? What if the flow of emotions could cause an erosion of the walls constructed in years past? Where would we be? Rain would just be rain, allowed to flow and absorb. There would be no collection system, no bottling and storing. We would live in the moment, splash through the puddles instead of peering into them trying to make sense of the blurry reflections of the past.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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