Your tears became
a sea in which
you could not swim
Ripples formed
travelling from you
on to the ocean of us
Your ripples
became ours
And ours
Nothing goes
We all
leave ripples –
for better
or for worse


This week a friend of mine tried to take his own life. In his sorrow I am sure he didn’t realize his value in the eyes of the people around him, that he didn’t realize his actions would effect so many like it did – love from all over the world poured in on his facebook page. All of this caused me to think of the theory of the ripple effect, how we are all connected, how our actions influence others – how everything matters! There was a time I tried to take my own life. Many, many years later I can look back and see the ripples created by a life I lived instead of a life I almost ended. My mistakes and failures have created ripples, my life has effected everyone around me in ways I see and in many ways I am sure I don’t understand or might never even know. This week has been a reminder to create ripples of good intentions, to give, to love, and to live.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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