May death give you life;
as you fill this grave with
the body of your past,
may your future rise.
Dust off dirt shoveled,
walk atop all used
to bury you,
build upon earth
meant as a resting place,
create a foundation
on which the mansion
of your future will stand.

Some deaths
are merely beginnings.


There are many days when a thought or a phrase I think of in passing become lines of a poem I never thought I would write. This is one of those poems. I didn’t start my day contempleting death, no one I know has recently passed on. I started my day contemplating life and moving on. Huge life changes are often accompanied by losing parts of ourselves, people around us, or the things we own. Metaphorically this is a death of sorts. We reach out of the dirt of the past (or even the present) and focus on the days to come.

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz


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