Stray~by Nikki Anne Schmutz and Daniel VanGilder

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She set a course
Captain of her own soul
Lost in memory
Finding joy in small islands

While islands are
Sunny respites
She searches the seas
For what was lost

Mourning her lost
Glimpses of time
Passage over water
Always watching

Spyglass trained
On the horizon
Where she hopes
Past and future collide

Clouds roll in imminently
Thunder crashes warnings
Waves tumble about
Capsizing her expedition

Time stops
No, it moves in reverse
Passion moves the heart
Gasps for air unseen

Lungs collapse
Body weakens and fails
Until her breath is ice
And her eyes won’t open

There is hope
Searching forever in waves
Frantic pulse quickens once
Then it is gone

Her soul watches the reel
Of her life as it flashes
The vision pauses on a moment
The turning point of salvation

He is there
Some long forgotten dream made flesh
Wrapped in the glory of the…

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Stained-Glass Token~by Nikki Anne Schmutz


Stained-Glass Token

Your light is mine
I pull it to me in fractals.
Pick and choose the pieces.
Mold them into the stained glass
Patterns and forms of a whole.
The picture of goodness in my soul
Failed me, I waited…
For the you who would
Make it right.

But in reality
It is not you, it is the me
Who in your gaze revives
The faith I once had in myself
A flower, picked and given
As a token
Of growth and love
Of eternal seeding
And regeneration.

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Master Planner~by Nikki Anne Schmutz


Master Planner

This life, when we question,
is probability and fact.
We accept
what we can’t have,
and replace it
with what we can.

Push aside the unknown,
trade it like cards.
Play each step
as a face value,
a path
to our hearts.

will always be truth.
And you,
will always be you.
I accept it as it comes.
I love, as you do.

I am, and forever
will be.
By you the master planner,
and I,
Just little me.

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Opera Glasses~by Nikki Anne Schmutz


Opera Glasses

Let’s leave
the unadulterated flattery
to the car salesmen of the world.
Coat check our pride
at the front desk,
hand over tickets of credentials
traded for front row seats
of an exquisite display.

Let’s view
the masterpiece of beauty
through opera glasses of truth.
Find perfection in faulty voice,
artwork fashioned by flaws.
Vulnerability center stage
singing the song of acceptance
and splendor in us all.

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