PODCAST: ESW 216. Voices of the Writers – Poetry Reading – Cradle of the Crescent Moon

PODCAST: ESW 216. Voices of the Writers – Poetry Reading –
Cradle of the Crescent Moon

Written and read By Nikki Anne Schmutz

CLICK the link to listen!

http://eatsleepwrite.net/esw216 via @EatSleepWriting

Welcome to Voices of the Writers, bringing you a new dimension of poetry readings, songwriters, vignettes and stories with music & sounds for the Eat Sleep Write Podcast. Put on your headphones, listen closely, and experience an intimate escape from your world for a few minutes with all that creative writing resonates. I invite you to tune in and get close to our song’s lyrics, stories and poetry by listening to Voices of the Writers. There is nothing quite like the joy of discovering a fantastic new musician, writer or poet and then realizing that they have a huge body of work to dive into on Eat Sleep Write.

Eat Sleep Write is a powerful marketing tool for writers, poets and songwriters and an exciting place to connect with other writers. Learn more about the craft of writing, and celebrate your love for books and writing with like-minded people.

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