Shining The Spotlight On Chad Bittner Hurt: Gravity

Chad Bittner Hurt is a favorite poet of mine and I am proud to call him friend!

Creative Talents Unleashed


Shining The Spotlight On Chad Bittner Hurt


Free Fall with no chute
How fast will I plummet?
That is always one of the lingering questions on these little joyrides
Another is how hard is this surface that I am racing to meet?
I’m broken before I jump
The landing is my first step towards
Life on the ground

Among you at last
Instead of in space
Trading the moonwalk for a step by step recovery.
In the harsh terrain of infinite discovery
Gravity firmly planting my feet
With forward momentum,
Excellent traction and a strong back
Arms outstretched
The whole of earth embraced
Ignoring this packed bag, knowing that I was and never will be among it contents.

I am enlightened
A wisp in this wind that lifts
No longer an astronaut sadly counting on man made vehicles to get high
I am the destination
Arrived and achieved in…

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