Oxygen~by Nikki Anne Schmutz

One of my poems was featured on another blog!



Too many years
Of shallow breath
Left me gasping
Reaching for inhalation
Light headed
Dizzy from asphyxia
Of soul

With each new step
I inhale
Lungs fill
Breath renewed
Reminders of a life
By exploration
You are my oxygen

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2 thoughts on “Oxygen~by Nikki Anne Schmutz”

  1. Thanks Nikki! I heard you on Bruce Van Horn’s podcast and was so moved by your story of ongoing victory… I must tell you I love this poem! The first stanza (at least I think this is the right word) reminded me of my trapped bound life before coming to faith (and at times when I lose focus) and as a result became all bound up with anxiety… “Dizzy from asphyxia of the soul” WOW! But then (at least for me) the second stanza reminds of my walk with Christ one step – one day at a time! So nice to inhale! Bless you so much! Thank you for your honest words of hurt and hope! Keep writing! Dan

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