As You Lay Dying

A beautiful piece of writing by the talented Will Pennington….

Writers Envy

I forgave you, Dad, and asked you to forgive me.

Your heart attack occurred early in the morning on November 30, 1994. I was aboard the USS Tripoli, returning to the states after a long six months at sea when I received notice. The Chaplain came to my stateroom to inform me and leave me a copy of the Red Cross message. The message said you were in a coma, and the doctors did not expect you to live. The letter also stated Mom needed me and requested my presence at home. Three days later I walked off the ship in Pearl Harbor, spent the night at Mom Ono’s house, and flew home to Tampa.

The somber reunion with Mom didn’t contain the same happiness and joy of our previous reunions, of course, but she put on her brave face, welcomed me home, and squeezed my hands and kissed me…

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The mind-boggling mystery of a successful free promo

Wonderful advice from my friend and fellow novelist, Effrosyni Moschoudi. I’m so happy I could help, but her work stands on its own. Cheers!

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Last week, and for the first time ever, I ran a free promo for both my books at the same time.

Free promo 7-11 aug

For the benefit of first time visitors, I will mention here that The Necklace of Goddess Athena is my debut novel (a fantasy) while my second one, The Lady of the Pier, is a romance. Now, I had heard the warnings that you’re supposed to promote one book at a time, but I’ve never been one to follow rules. As always, I am keen to try new things and explore all possibilities so was rather looking forward to this experiment. Also, another novelty I went for, was to let the free promo run for all five days that KDP Select allows me, all in one go.

As always, I announced the promo everywhere. Both books were to be up for grabs worldwide from August 7-11. I spent the usual…

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