Poet Interview #52: Nikki Anne Schmutz

Walking Is Still Honest Press

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Nikki Anne Schmutz. I am a writer, healer, abuse survivor, mother of four, widow, and seeker of beauty
At what age did you start writing? Have you always written poetry? Who/what first inspired you to start writing?
I was ten years old when I decided I wanted to be a writer. At that age I’m sure I didn’t understand what that entailed, all I knew was inside me was a well of words I wanted to share. I started out writing simple, silly poetry and progressed into deeper poetic processes as a teenager and young adult. I grew up working in my father’s bookstore, having all kinds of literature and poetry at my fingertips. I read everything. I branched out into novels and screenwriting in my twenties, where I had some success, but found myself…

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Pools of Promise

Thank you WISH for publishing my poetry!

Walking Is Still Honest Press

Three poems
by Nikki Anne Schmutz
Water Mark
Like a water mark
you sear the sky
forever changing
my landscape.
You leave me burning
in a bath of water
that doesn’t relieve.
What I thought was water
must be gasoline…
Maybe my mind
is so turned upside down
I don’t know the difference.
In this moment I wish
my heart was fireproof –
rid of insecurities
and strong in the magic I am.
Instead, tissues pile on the floor
evidence of the eruption
and aftermath of a spell
foolishly cast….
A Way
Your blue-eyed
pools of promise
drew me in.
Heavenly choirs sang
your arrival.
I knew in that moment
you were mine.
I revered the calling –
my role in our forever
was preordained
Or so I thought
The years wrought hurt
between smiles.
Barriers rose amid
expanse of…

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When my youngest son Austin noticed my lack of writing this month, he very sweetly made me a “poem wall” to help me keep track of the new poems I write and help me remember to write more. Tonight I jotted two down two at his urging. This little ditty is one of them….


Upon the stars
I swing between
chasing things
and catching dreams

~ Nikki Anne Schmutz

Poem Wall